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Many of our artists do commissioned or custom pieces. 

We're happy to help you through this process. 
Please contact Debbie at 519-983-2251 or 

with information on what you're looking for!

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Spring Roses

Pottery & Mineral Stone Jewelery

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Shannon Collins

Shannon is a painter who specializes in acrylic paintings. Her landscapes have deep colours and would be a great decor piece in any home.

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Pet Beds, Pottery People, Pottery Pets, Driftwood Jars

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Exquisitely designed with real crystals, bronze, copper, gold or silver. Add any of these detailed pieces to enhance your wardrobe.

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Rita is an expert crocheter - creating incredibly delicate tablecloths, doilies, and more.  

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Photographer selling beautiful framed photographs. Maryann's talented eye has the ability to see the art in everyday things.

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Bill Lowe

Wooden bird houses (with a front door décor, asphalt shingles and removable bottoms for easy cleaning!)

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Dianne Curtis

Dianne's work goes from soft and snuggly to hard and solid. An artist in both cement and knit work, you never know what she'll create next.
From bird baths, feeders, stepping stones, terrariums and memory stones to 
cuddly snowmen & rabbits. 

Joanne Chamberlain

Joanne Chamberlain's art is as practical as it is pretty. With Bottle Openers with Baskets, or a Sign & Basket for those lonely socks you find in your dryer, Joanne's art is the perfect addition to any house.

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Bob & Janet Clifford bring wood & wine together in a trendy and original way. From wine caddies that hold a bottle and up to 4 glasses, to rustic wine carriers that give an extra "oomph" to the next bottle you bring to a friend, you'll find the right gift for the wine lover in your life within their collection.

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Future Artist or Crafter

Your Work Could Be Featured!

Call Debbie at 519-983-2251 for details!

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Nobody Loves her dogs more than Marcie. See her crafty tributes to our four-legged friends with her totes, treat jars, bows, and humorous T-shirts

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 William Murray loves creating with wood. He grew up on a vineyard in Grimsby.

"My Dad was " The whirligig guy" after he retired and he inspired me to create cool things in wood. I love to work with exotic woods and domestic woods as well."

Since everything William makes is handmade each item is unique and he takes great pride in the quality of his work. 

You may see William around at the Rustic Garage. He loves to come by to check in and meet with shoppers!

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Lucy makes Glassware items, Garden Decor, and for christmas she has created glassware angels that can be indoor or outdoor. She has also created knitted Christmas Stockings, mitss, and more. 

Her husband, Charlie, repurposes wooden items and hsa brought in everything from wooden shelves to crutches! He also brings us many of our antiques including antique cameras and pictures (like a 1944 Lipton Tea map of Canada from the war!) 

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Beautiful afghans in various colours.

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 Sharon first thought about creating charcuterie boards back in the spring of 2019 when she bought one as a gift for a friend.

After extensive research, she feels as though she's truly perfected the craft. 

Sharon's boards don't use epoxy, which can make people ill. 

She works closely with the local Mennonite community to source pre-cut boards, and then sands them down. 

She then applies mineral oil to the live-edge boards, as well as a coat of beeswax. Walnut, Black Walnut, Maple, Oak, even Cherry - she's surely got a board that's right for you! 


Sharon has found a hobby she loves, and she's excited to share it with you!

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Ruth creates angel jewellery and so much more.