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The Rustic Garage - Plain (1).png
Rustic Meets Curated

At the Rustic Garage, you're seeing a collection of pieces carefully curated to fit with the stores' rustic appeal. We source every piece of art from local artists, artisans and crafters to give you a unique selection of handmade items. 

The Rustic Garage
For The Sweet Tooth

We've also curated a collection of retro-candy and candies from overseas, so you can get a sweet treat to remind you of that special trip, that special time, or maybe even to remind you of home! 

Growing Locally

We will continue to grow with artists and crafters within our community, giving them a place to display their work locally without having to create their own studio-space to sell from. 

The Rustic Garage was created by Debbie Brady, a realtor from the Southwestern Ontario area. Debbie loves all types of rustic arts, crafts, etc., but noticed there were only so many opportunities throughout the year to purchase these items at shows and art festivals. Opening a store would allow a curated collection of local artists & crafters work, year-round. Thus, The Rustic Garage was born! 

Debbie also has work displayed in the barn - she refinishes furniture and many of the display pieces are actually items she has refinished.